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HVAC Zoning Benefits – Candler, NC

Does your heating system have zoning capabilities? If not, you’re missing out on a more comfortable home this winter in the Asheville area. American Air has a few reasons why you should upgrade to a zoned HVAC system.

Zoned HVAC: What is it?

Traditional heating systems work by delivering equal heat to all areas of the home through the ductwork. In contrast, HVAC zoning breaks the areas of your home up into different sections, or zones. For instance, the upstairs bedrooms, living room and basement can all be set as individual zones. This allows you to independently control the temperature and humidity levels of each individual area.

HVAC zoning increases comfort in Candler, NC

A zoned HVAC system has several advantages compared to traditional units. One of the greatest benefits is increased comfort levels for you and your family. Zoning allows different family members to customize conditions to their liking, keeping everyone happy this winter. It’s also more efficient, so heat and humidity levels are more consistent.

Zoned HVAC from American Air Heating & Cooling saves money

In addition to better comfort, efficiency will help you save money this winter. Zoned HVAC systems only heat the areas of the home that need it, so energy isn’t wasted heating unused rooms. This results in significant savings on those winter energy bills that seem to be higher every year. With a zoned HVAC system, you’ll have affordable and effective heating for years to come. You’ll also enjoy the same types of savings in the summer when the A/C bill goes through the roof.

If you have been unsatisfied with your home’s comfort levels, or if your heating bills never seem to stop rising, HVAC zoning may just be right for you. Call American Air Heating & Cooling or click here to upgrade to a zoned HVAC system today!


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